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17 Oct '16

So honored to have illustrated "On Christmas Day" by Margaret Wise Brown

Ok folks...I know we haven't even had Halloween yet but for those that like to start their Christmas shopping really early so that they can enjoy the season when it does arrive...
I had the great honor and privilege of illustrating the words of the late and amazing Margaret Wise Brown, the author of GOODNIGHT MOON. (this is the first edition)
This is a nativity story of Christmas, lyrically told by one of America's most beloved writers, Margaret Wise Brown. Recently discovered and illustrated by me. :)
This book will be hand signed by the illustrator, Phyllis Harris, me. :)
I have just added it to my Etsy shop for now. For more info. go here.
11 Dec '15

My wish for you...

Hi Friends,

I wanted to wish you all
a very blessed and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!

I created this video that shares the sweet words of the late great Margaret Wise Brown from her book
ON CHRISTMAS DAY that I was so very blessed to illustrate. I still have a few first edition copies left and you can get a signed copy from the illustrator(me) in my shop here. The beautiful guitar in the background is my talented husband.

To see a preview of this sweet book click on the video below.

You my friends, are the reason for the joy and success of Phyllis Harris Designs and I cherish you and your support.  I so appreciate you sharing our website with your friends and family; and I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a happy 2016!

I will talk to you next year!

04 Nov '15

Let the holiday prep begin! What?!

Dear Friends,

I cannot believe it is already November!! I've been very busy in the studio getting lots of things ready for the upcoming holiday shopping that is about to begin and for those early shoppers, I have a coupon code that can be used in either my shop or my Etsy shop. Be sure to enter THANKS15 at checkout and receive 15% off your order.

I have lots of wonderful items for all of the people on your list that are looking for something to help them re-visit their wonderful childhood memories in decorating their home with my
wall art prints. Such as this dandelion girl wall art print that was featured in Romantic Homes magazine

or this
little boy and the man in the moon art print, featured in Vanity Fair's Gift guide.

And for gifting those creative and crafty friends with my
adult coloring books. What better way to help get through the sometimes stressful holiday preparations than sitting down with a coloring book to get that relaxing therapy that is so needed at the end of a long day. In fact, I recently read an article  that stated, "The health benefits go beyond relaxation, and include exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus.

Doctors have known about these benefits since the early 1900s. Psychiatrist Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, prescribed coloring to his patients to calm and center their minds. Doctors today continue to follow Jung’s lead and still recommend the activity to combat anxiety.

The fact that coloring is structured activates the logic part of the brain, and generates a creative mindset, said New York-based clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis.

“Because it’s a centering activity, the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that is involved with our fear response, actually gets a bit, a little bit of a rest,” Michaelis said, “and it ultimately has a really calming effect over time.”

Be sure you check out my new short 2 minute video showing the interiors and more information about one of my favorite coloring books, The Adventures of Brandy and Emma that I offer by clicking on the video below.

And for those of you who send out Christmas cards and want to get started early this year, I have a very limited supply of boxed
Christmas Cards left in my Etsy shop. For more details follow the link by clicking on the photo.

In my family, we always read a favorite Christmas book as a family throughout the holiday season. Why not start a new tradition with
ON CHRISTMAS DAY, written by Margaret Wise Brown, author of the wonderful GOODNIGHT MOON and illustrated by me. I have a limited supply of the first edition copies in my shop and will sign each one that is ordered from there.

As we enter into that time of year at Thanksgiving, I want to say just how thankful I am for ALL of you, my wonderful supporters and friends here, that make it possible for me to do what I love and have the opportunity to share it with the world. How could I ask for more?  I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

Gifts that give back

Phyllis Harris Designs & You – Giving the gift of love and healing

Every purchase of a heart-warming Phyllis Harris Designs illustration print donates 5 percent of every illustration print sold from our website to Children's Mercy Hospital.  

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21 Nov '14

A peek at the interiors of "On Christmas Day" by Margaret Wise Brown

Here is a peek at some of my art for the interior spreads of  On Christmas Day written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by me. (Still pinching myself over this one.)
For more info on this book go here.
To get your own your copy just go here. :)

04 Nov '14

Start a new Christmas tradition!

Is it too early? Are you one of the early Christmas shoppers? I wish I could say I was.

Start a new Christmas tradition!

As a child, one of my favorite Christmas traditions every year was to gather round my siblings and my older sister would read "The Night Before Christmas" right before we went to bed on Christmas eve. My mother still has that copy of our beloved book and although the pages are falling out, you can tell it was a very used love-worn book.

Many of you know that I have a precious new grand daughter and I hope to start our own family tradition with her by reading Margaret Wise Brown's "On Christmas Day" to her every Christmas season.

What a blessing it was to be asked to illustrate the lyrical words of Margaret Wise Brown.

To get your own copy of On Christmas Day signed by the illustrator(me) just email me at phyllis@phyllisharris.com.

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season starting with Thanksgiving which is only a little over weeks away!