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13 Aug '15

2nd Edition of the adult coloring book, the heART of childhood now available!

Posted by Phyllis Harris

While I was thrilled with the production and reception of my first coloring book printing, I came across an even better product through a different supplier. I am even more thrilled to announce the second  edition of my coloring book!

They’re here!!!! My second edition of my adult coloring books, the heART of childhood just arrived!! I still cannot believe my first edition of books sold out in a little over a month! Truly it has been such a blessing and so unexpected. A HUGE thank you to ALL of you who have helped make that possible.

Ok, why a second edition? Because I listened to my customers and now the NEW features are:

1. Printing on one side of the paper only. Now you may color using markers or gel pens, as well as colored pencils and crayons if you choose; and they won't bleed through to the image on the opposite side. It also makes it fun if you want to take the completed piece out of the book and frame it when you are done with your marvelous creations. And now the book is twice as thick, too!

2. It is now “perfect bound” instead of saddle stitched.(aka stapled)  There is a peek of what I am talking about in the photo so you can visualize the difference.

3. Most of the art stayed the same in the NEW 2nd edition of the heART of childhood however, I did add 4 new images, and one illustration that has never been seen before!

With all of these improvements, my cost did increase a bit but I feel it is well worth the little bit extra. But the good news is I am still offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING by using the special code:  USShipFree   So go check heART of childhood: An adult coloring book out here!