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12 Mar '16

Have you seen my "Vintage Sketch Series" now available in the shop?

Have you seen my "Vintage Sketch Series" now available in the shop? I love how the handmade paper looks in the floating frame I got from Hobby Lobby. There are 3 different prints to choose from thus far. http://phyllisharrisdesigns.com/collections/vintage-sketch-series


Here is a bit more info about them...

After attending a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, I was so inspired by the beautiful sepia sketches on aged paper so I set out to find the perfect "handmade" paper to print my raw sketches on. Every artist struggles with working and refining a piece until it's almost overdone. I love the movement and feeling of sketch studies because they are raw and full of emotion.

This beautiful handmade paper has deckled edges and seeds and fibers through it. It is perfectly "imperfect" so it may not be perfectly squared which adds to it's beauty. I have shown one framed in a vintage "floating" frame for reference only. Frame not included. Copyright will not appear on print.

- Art print created from a hand drawn original sketch
- Printed on 8.5 x 11" aged handmade seed paper
- Ships flat packaged in a bend resistant mailer and a cellophane sleeve
- Ships within 3-5 days of payment
- Printed locally in the USA